Meet the teachers of Gabriel García Márquez Fellowship

Meet the teachers of Gabriel García Márquez Fellowship

Thanks to Gabriel García Márquez fellowship in cultural journalism, twenty reporters from different countries around the world will have the opportunity to come to the Caribbean cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena, Colombia, to live an exciting experience telling the stories that inspired Gabriel García Márquez's literary and journalistic texts.
This program created by the FNPI and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, will be held from 7th to 27th January of 2013. The selected journalists will have covered all tuition, airfare and accommodation expenses during the days of the activity.
All this learning lab will be guided by Hector Feliciano, FNPI's teacher and American journalist, Jonathan Levi, who will accompany the whole process of learning and newsgathering. With them, expert guests will provide their views on how to make cultural journalism at each of the modules in which is divided the scholarship program (music, literature and popular culture). 
These are the teachers and experts invited to become part of Gabriel García Márquez fellowship in cultural journalism: Héctor Feliciano (Puerto Rico) He is a FNPI's teacher and collaborates with the daily El País de España, Clarín, Black Label, among others. Is the author of The museum disappeared - the Nazi conspiracy to steal the masterpieces of world art (2004) Jonathan Levi (USA) He co-founded the magazine Granta. His stories and articles have been published Jonathan Levi in media such as Condé Nast Traveler, GQ, Terra Nova, The Nation and The New York Times. Since 1997, Levi has been a contributor to The Los Angeles Times Book Review. He currently lives between New York and Rome, where he writes about arts and travel for The International Herald Tribune and Condé Nast Traveler. Is the author of the novel A guide for the perplexed (1992). His website:

1. Music This module will take place in Cartagena music, from 7th to 13th January at the Cartagena Music Festival. Anne Midgette (USA) Journalist and a classical music critic of The Washington Post. Is classical music critic of The Washington Post Bloquera. She also has written about music, visual arts, dance, theater and cinema in The Wall Street Journal, Opera News, The Los Angeles Times, Town & Country, and many other publications. She is the author of "My Nine Lives", the pianist Leon Fleisher's memoir, who lost the mobility of two fingers of his right hand for over 30 years (Doubleday, 2010). Diego Fishcerman (Argentina) He is a journalist, music critic and blogger of the daily Página/12. Is the author of "Effect Beethoven: complexity and value of tradition in popular music" (2004), "Writing about music" (2005, reissued in expanded version in 2012), "After the music. The Twentieth Century and Beyond" (2011) and "Piazzolla. The misunderstood. A cultural study" (2009) in collaboration with Abel Gilbert. He leads radio programs such as Stories in major mode, in the 2x4 and The disco of Alexandria, National Classical Radio. He also manages the blog: blog.
  2. Popular culture This module will be held from January 14th to 20th under the Pre-Carnival of Barranquilla. Alberto Salcedo Ramos (Colombia) He is a chronicler and a FNPI's teacher. Has posted in medias such as SoHo, El Malpensante and Arcadia (Colombia), Gatopardo y Hoja por hoja (Mexico), Etiqueta Negra (Peru), Echoes (Germany), Diners (Ecuador), Marcapasos (Venezuela) and Courrier International (France). Is the author of the books The gold and dark. The glorious life of Kid Pambelé (2005) Of a man forced to get up with the right foot (1999 and 2005); Ten minstrels in your yard (1994) and The eternal revelry. On Twitter: @salcedoramos

3. Literature This module will be held from January 21st to 27th, during the Hay Festival Cartagena. Francine Prose (USA) She's a writer. Former President of PEN American Center, who was also judge of the PEN/Newman's Own Award. Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has written sixteen books of fiction and has received awards for his novels "Blue Angel", National Book Award finalist, and "A Changed Man", which won the Dayton Literary Book Award. His most recent nonfiction book, "Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife", has been critically acclaimed. She is also author of the bestseller "Reading like a writer." Mario Jursich (Colombia) He is director of the magazine El Malpensante, which is a founding member. Has published essays in magazines such as Número, Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico del Banco de la República, Semana and Soho. Recently one of his works was included in the "American Anthology of Current Chronic" (Alfaguara, 2012). He has published three books: one of poetry, "Glimpses", one on the bibliography, "Casimiro Eiger: Chronicles of art", and one essay, "The Virgin Mary: Faith and adventure in Colombia&quo

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