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Susana Moreira Marques

Foto: Stephen Ferry/FNPI.
Consider this: you arrive in a new city, a different country, a different part of the world. You attempt to understand it in a few days, write about it, condense it. You want to build a bridge and cross it at the same time, though culture and history can keep you apart. You want to enjoy the heath, the tropics. But you also want to be lucid about the plight of its people.

Foto: Joaquín Sarmiento/FNPI.
Her journalism has won several prizes, including the AMI 'Journalism Against Indifference' Prize and the UNESCO ‘Human Rights and Integration’ Journalism Award (Portugal). 

Foto: Joaquín Sarmiento/FNPI.
Es columnista de la radio nacional portuguesa Antena 1 y colaboradora del periódico Jornal de Negócios. Ha trabajado en el Servicio Mundial de la BBC.

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