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Lakshmi Govindrajan Javeri

Peter Kuper. Hay Festival Cartagena. Álvaro Delgado/Archivo FNPI
The American alternative cartoonist and illustrator was fully aware of the harsh lens under which literature lovers have viewed his book. People tend to dislike a newer version of something they’ve grown to admire. “Who is this man tampering with Kafka? How dare he? I know people had thought of my book like that before they read it. It’s natural. Personally I didn’t get around to thinking too hard or I wouldn’t have done it. I went with my instinct.”

It was the 1960s and women in Colombia weren’t permitted into popular parties. Although they danced at carnival time which hosts the biggest carnival in the Caribbean region, the social structure was such that women barely had a voice in society, let alone a place in public parties – a scenario that peeved this woman the most. After all, it had been several years since she started voting but public parties still had no place for her and other Colombian women.

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